About Us

Mixwear is the webshop of Korfball World Foundation. We are based in The Netherlands, the home of korfball.

One of the missions of Korfball World is to promote korfball. Our great sport has to be visible and we think that merchandise and clothing is a way to achieve this. When more and more people show their love for korfball, the acceptance and reputation of the sport grows. The money we make from selling these items goes to support specific countries to grow faster on an international korfball level.

About the FANZY collection

We are Sanne and Lindsy. We are two dutch female korfball players and together with Korfball World we are working on a clothing-line to promote our sport. These designs are not just for sports, there will also be a casual clothing-line. With the designs we want to give korfball a little nicer look on the outside. The clothes will be for men and women.